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Black Triangles in between teeth

Do you suffer from Black Triangles?

At Brickfields Dental Care, we have been trained to use the BioClear Clark Matrix system which gives very natural and aesthetic outcomes when treating black triangles.

What are Black Triangles?

Clinically referred to as gingival embrasures, black triangles between the teeth affect around 30% of the adult population, and are often caused by recession in the gum line and bone loss. They can also sometimes be a result of movement in the teeth. Black triangles can not only make your smile look older, but they can also encourage unnecessary plaque build-up by gathering food particles between the teeth.

About Black Triangles

The dreaded ″black triangle″ has long been considered unsightly and a sign of the aging dentition. In the words of many of my patients, ″It makes me look like I have old-lady teeth.″ Periodontal therapy, especially where pocket reduction surgery was performed routinely creates black triangles.

The term black triangle is more slang than anything else. The technical term is an open gingival embrasure. An open gingival embrasure can lead to multiple issues, including:

Aesthetic concerns, prematurely aged smile

Greater likelihood of decay – because food is more likely to be chronically trapped there.

Speech issues – air can escape through the gap(s) while speaking which can affect the pronunciation of certain sounds.

Ejection of saliva while speaking – And others.

How can we fix your Black Triangles?

If your enamel is perfectly healthy, then it’s not always necessary to mask black triangles with veneers. At Brickfields Dental Care, we use special composite bonding system that closes the gaps and restores your smile to give your teeth a healthy, younger-looking appearance.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like a consultation at Brickfields Dental Care for all your cosmetic dentistry needs.

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