There are many myths circulating about teeth whitening, from how effective high street brands are to how long the effects of teeth whitening actually last. So, we’ve decided to bust the top 5 myths we’ve heard at our dental practice in Essex!

“High-street whitening brands are just as effective as professional whitening kits.”

FALSE! Your dentist in Chelmsford is licensed and professionally trained to prescribe high-strength whitening gels. Unfortunately, high-street kits do not offer this same level of strength, so they won’t be as effective in brightening your smile as the kits prescribed by a dental professional. As an Enlighten Regional Centre of Excellence, our dentists are best placed to whiten your smile safely.

“Whitening toothpastes are enough to whiten my teeth.”

Not quite. Some toothpastes contain certain ingredients that can help to improve the brightness of your teeth, but the concentration in these is far too low to have any visual effect on your smile. So, though these products are inexpensive, if you’re looking for a more radiant smile, your South Woodham Ferrers dentist is best placed to provide you with the tools you need.

“You only need to whiten your teeth once.”

This is…FALSE! At Brickfields Dental Care, our teeth whitening products are certainly long-lasting, but the effects won’t last forever. Due to the natural ageing process of the teeth, consumption of stain-causing food and drink, and even tobacco use, the level of whiteness will diminish over time. This is normal and can be rectified with at-home top-up gels prescribed by the dentist so that you can retain the dazzling smile you’re accustomed to!

“My teeth are healthy because they are white.”

Definitely FALSE. Just because your teeth appear white doesn’t mean that there aren’t any underlying issues. You must ensure that your oral health is in top condition before you consider cosmetically enhancing your smile. When you visit our Chelmsford dental practice, your dentist will make sure to address any signs of gum disease before you embark on your whitening journey to keep your teeth in excellent condition.

“I have crowns and veneers, but I can still use teeth whitening gel.”

Also, FALSE! Unfortunately, bleaching will not work on crowns, veneers or false teeth. To whiten dental prosthetics, you would have to gradually change them in favour of a lighter coloured version.

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