Sometimes a deep clean is all you need to get your sparkle back! With comprehensive appointments with our hygienists at our South Woodham Ferrers dental practice, our hygienists can freshen and rejuvenate your smile, boost your confidence, and help to keep gum disease at bay. If you’ve felt like your smile isn’t in the best condition, here are 5 five reasons to book your next hygiene appointment at Brickfields Dental Care.

Safeguard your oral health 

The Brickfields Dental Care hygienists are highly trained and skilled at removing tartar and plaque build-up, which helps safeguard your teeth from cavities and decay and from developing gum disease. Taking care of your smile is very important as it ensures that you keep your natural teeth for as long as possible and helps to support your overall health.

Improve the appearance of your smile

Being insecure about the condition of your teeth and gums can often make us want to hide our smile. With a professional and comprehensive scale and polish, our hygienists can buff away and remove any existing stains so that your smile feels revitalised and looks sparkling clean. No need to hide those pearly whites!

Get rid of bad breath

Experiencing bad breath can be stressful and embarrassing. The Brickfields Dental Care hygienists can find the cause and eliminate odour-causing bacteria with a deep clean. They can also advise you on the best at-home tips to keep your breath fresher for longer.

Prevention of oral cancer

Our dental hygienists are also proficient in oral cancer screening, meaning they can assess and identify any issues in your oral health that may need further investigation. Prevention is always better than cure which is why we screen all of our hygiene patients to ensure the safety of their oral health.

Save time and money

When you visit the dental hygienist regularly, you are investing in your smile for the long term. With professional hygiene appointments, we can make sure your teeth and gums stay healthy so that you don’t need to pay for further expensive treatment should you require corrective procedures for gum disease, tooth loss or infection.

Missed out on your routine dental and hygiene appointment due to lockdown? Now is a great time to book yourself in for a refreshing pick-me-up!

The team at Brickfields Dental Care in Essex have implemented rigorous COVID safety and hygiene protocols so that your first visit back to the dentist safeguards your wellbeing whilst you pamper your smile. Book your appointment by phoning 01245 328 060 or by booking online here.