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Our priority is to provide comprehensive, preventative and restorative care that achieves proper function, optimal health and maximum tooth retention.

We’ll do much more than patch your teeth and remove disease. We will use the latest advances in dentistry together with exceptional clinical skills to give you every option and every possibility of a healthy smile for life.

The recommendations we make will have benefits that can increase the health of your teeth, reduce the need for return visits, remove discomfort and produce a healthy looking smile.


97% of the population suffer from at least some level of gum disease and it is this and not tooth decay that is the major cause of tooth loss in adult patients.

Our hygienists are skilled and trained in the latest periodontal treatments and they use established and advanced screening methods to determine the levels of bacteria and infection in your mouth. The capability they possess to keep your mouth infection-free goes far beyond scaling and polishing your teeth.

For this reason, Brickfields Dental Care places the need for regular hygiene visits to our hygienists.


Fluoride is safe, effective and supported by every major health organisation in the fight against dental disease.

At Brickfields Dental Care, our hygienists routinely offer topical fluoride applications to improve your protection against decay.


A sealant is a thin, plastic film that is painted onto the chewing surfaces of back teeth.

Scientific studies have proven that properly applied sealants are 100% effective in protecting the tooth surface from caries.

In line with our practice philosophy regarding prevention, all parents are encouraged to elect to have their children’s teeth fissure sealed and/or ozone treated, as appropriate.


Brickfields Dental Care provides state of the art, custom-made mouth guards for all patients requiring protection during competition in at risk sports.

Store bought, over the counter, mouth guards do not fit as well as custom-made ones nor do they offer the necessary protection against dental/facial injuries. The only mouth guard that should be worn is that made from a model of the mouth.

The professionally designed, custom-made mouth guard satisfies all individual requirements with respect to fit, comfort, level of competition and compliance.


Fissure sealants are ‘plastic’ colourless protective liquids, which are painted onto the biting surfaces of the back teeth. They are then hardened by the application of a concentrated beam of ultraviolet light. They are permanent and remain in place for many years.

Fissure sealants have been used in Dentistry for many decades and provide a very effective means of preventing tooth decay. They are usually placed in the adult molar teeth soon after they present themselves in the mouth. The first molar teeth come through at about six years of age and are fissure sealed soon thereafter. The second molar teeth present at twelve years of age and are subsequently fissure sealed. Other teeth can also be fissure sealed, especially in cases where tooth decay is likely to occur rapidly.


Often, one finds adult molar teeth in children which have suffered from a small amount of decay. It is now possible to use painless and drill-free techniques such as special pastes or air-abrasion devices to disinfect and remove this decay and fissure seal the tooth. This prevents the tooth from developing a ‘full blown’ cavity and thus, needing more unpleasant treatment at a later date.

Fluoride is a commonly occurring element. In some areas, it is found as a naturally occurring substance in water. In others, it is added to the water supply, although, in large parts of the country there is no available Fluoride in drinking water. It is also found in tea and many common foodstuffs. In addition, higher concentrations of Fluoride are found in toothpaste, dental mouthwashes, and even dental floss.

Fluoride reacts with the outer enamel layer covering the tooth. Through this reaction it is incorporated into the enamel structure, thus doing, it strengthens the enamel. The tooth is therefore less susceptible to acid and bacterial attack.

Fluoride is not only used as a tooth hardening agent it can also be used in certain circumstances to alleviate tooth sensitivity. It is commonly incorporated into dental filling materials to help harden the underlying tooth and prevent sensitivity after a filling is placed. Of course, it is possible to place Fluoride-free dental fillings.

In some cases, children are given Fluoride supplements to strengthen their adult teeth whilst they are developing and when they erupt .

Fluoride supplements should only be given on the advice of a dental professional.

Our clinic does use Fluoride as an adjunct to prevent dental decay. However, we do recognise that some people have concerns regards the use of Fluoride and we are sensitive in such cases.